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The use of the portable X-ray digital equipment set by NOELSI for the diagnosis of bullet wounds

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In the new medical center of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in Aleppo (Syria) X-ray equipment of our company was installed
A medical center of the Russian Defense Ministry was opened in Syrian Aleppo. The hospital is equipped with the most modern equipment, including digital X-ray equipment of our company, and is ready to receive up to 150 patients daily.

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Free handover of a portable X-ray machine
"Moscow Regional Children's Clinical Traumatology and Orthopedic Hospital"
for the purpose of providing emergency medical care nontransportable, seriously ill children, the company "NOELSI" free conveys to the hospital the portable X-ray machine DIG-360 model.

Interview with the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS)
The Korean TV and radio company KBS for the plot in the documentary about Russia interviewed our company

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The goal of NOELSI is to provide maximum opportunities in the field of X-ray diagnostic imaging techniques to make funds more accessible and reliable.The valuable experience of our company is regarding high frequency technology and high qualified x-ray equipment which help us to provide customers with good competitive advantage and business benefits.

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